Friday, August 12, 2011

What do i do about this girl?

so there's this girl i like that i work with.i know i shoulda stayed away but it wen ended up goin to a concert.and we ended up hanging out afterwords.well we ended coddling up on the couch and making out for a while.things seemed to be goin ok for a couple weeks so i asked her whats up with us .basically she said she really liked me but wanted to take it slow. i guess she had issues she needed to figure out.and i guess she had somewhat recently got out of a bad relationship.well i asked her Friend a question a couple days later.and she said all she wants to be is Friends and at the same time there was some rumors going around work that i was mad at her cause she wouldn't go out with me.which isn't true.and we had a little fight one day cause cause she though they were true.and after that things seemed ok.although we dont goof off or flirt like we used to.she said she not mad at im basically wondering what i should do.i really like this girl and will wait for her.then again i dont want to sit around and wait for nothing.ive been thru this twice before

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