Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Victimied Man in false Dowry case by my wife. Please help me.?

I am 28 year old, i am living in Delhi, India. i got married two years before, we have no kids, from my side, i was thinking we were having a good and fantastic relationship, as we had no fights etc. My wife is working in a private office and I came to know of my wife's extra marital affair with a man six months before, now she wants to get married to this man. She has gone to her mother's home. When i refused to give divorce, she filed a false dowry case against me and my family members in the Anti dowry cell of Delhi Police, and now she wants all the items given by them back, We gave them all the items back . I do not wish to give her divorce. In this whole problem, i am losing from all couts, i consulted my lawyer, who also advised me to get out of this case whichever way it is possible. she got all the items back as Istridhan, she got all the gold from our side, cost of which is approx. 6 lakhs, in addition we spent 6-7 lakhs on marriage. We r having a tough time because of this girl. How can i solve this problem. I went to the lawyer and he says there is no option but to give her divorce. I would be grateful if anyone has gone through such a situation can guide me or if u have any knowldege what is the best way to proceed further in this matter. I would be grateful for your help and advice in this matter. If you have any further questions, please let me know. I have lost respect in our neighbourhood, my wife has run away, she will be marrying a man of her choice, in the first place when we got married, we never forced the marriage on them, it is they who wanted this marriage. What will happen to me, it has given me financial loss, bad name to my family and I have lost all faith on girls.

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