Thursday, August 11, 2011

So what do u think about this for v-day for the bf?

well im pretty sure i decided what i was gonna do for the bf tomarrow tell me what u think.... im cookin dinner. well me n him r both cookin dinner bc i cant cook steaks on the grill lol were havin steaks corn on the cob and steak fries... and im makin him a cake and i got him a card. and red rose petals and candles for the table. along with a lil nighty for later...he smokes weed so i got him a gl bowl bc i couldnt figure out what else to get him.,so i think that should be good... he said hes spendin all day with me tomarrow. and i think my roomie kristen and my friend rons comin over to spend time with kristen for v-day bc shes single n he likes her.. so they will probbly join us later that night... what do u think of this plan??? honest opinions....

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