Friday, August 12, 2011

I have ual dysfunction as a result of a tree accident?

yes, there are other remedies. I am sorry for your troubles, but relax a bit and see if this doesn't help. Go to urologist and get a prescription for a trivalent compound used by Boston Clinic (cheaper at the drug store than from Boston Clinic!!!!) It must be kept refrigerated, must be injected directly into the (no big deal) you use insulin Long needles (12.5 mm), and the dose has to be determined by you...start with 12 units (those little marks on the syringe)...see if that doesn't do it. Do NOT use so much that you stay hard for longer than 3 1/2 or so hours!!!! Use Sudafed and a hot tub soak to relax the veins if you do!!!! You may find it a little harder to , but the is terrific! This is what they use in the hard core movies you see. GW

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