Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How can i fix this ? :(?

i went through almost the same thing except i gave up my ex she gave up hers talking wise. well one day i caught her txtn them and i flat out told her its them or me. sometimes you have to explain what its doing to you emotionaly, that helped my situation. like she stopped talking to them after i explained it to her in a calm manner. its easier to do this when u are both calm. just say hey i need to tell you something, explain your feelings calmly and ask her what her reasons for talking to him is, if he is doing something your not then start doing it and she will forget him. communication is the key hon. like i know you wanna keep her mabey the scare of losing you will put her in her place. thats what i had to do and it worked for me. wish you luck.

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