Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hi I'm from the Philippines. I just wanna ask if Riyadh or Jeddah is a safe place?

I have an offer as a private tutor/nanny in one of the royal families in Saudi. I've got no idea what kind of people they are. I've heard a lot of negative feed backs from the OFW who worked in saudi arabia. Some of theme said that their employers are very strict that caused them to escape. Some of them told me that I shouldn't go there because its very dangerous especially to a girl like me. Please help me decide if i'm going to pursue my application or not. My agency told me that my employer is Sarah Abdul Aziz. Does anybody know her? I will be earning 1,000USD... is this reasonable enough? Anyways, I will be stay-in. Please help me.... Thanks in advance... =)

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