Monday, August 8, 2011

HELP! Getting kicked out of parents' house. Resources/advice?

No what you need to do is examine your life, what you did, why your flunked English, (my guess is got into the party crowd thats what I did) and then as an adult sit down and talk with your parents. As a parent have seen this with my children, believe me the last thing we want is our children out on the street, but at the same time want to teach them about what is important, and not to make the same mistakes we made. Talk with them, ask their advice, apologize for making the mistake you did and work hard at correcting it. As parents we do seem to fly off the handle at times, in frustration and some of that is if you fail we have failed also. Again communication is the answer, speak with them, (no not get defensive) and for the most part listen, and things will work out. DO not give up on your education either. I promise that this will work out if you stay calm even if they yell. Dads are like that I know I am, but we are always there for our children. It is up to you to make the first step, second and most important always be honest with us. If you screw up it is better to hear it from you, if you get in trouble it is not only better to hear it from you, but to hear the truth, then we can prepare to help you. I wish the best to you, I know what I have been through with my children, I know how a dad reacts at first because I am one, and I know what I say is right. Be strong, be brave, be humble and learn from your mistake.

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