Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greece, where did the name Philistine come from?

phonecians existed before the philistines settled in lower cannan....i wont say much more other than most of ur question has been much or more answered by .link.cigar.and agra...All of them have pretty much the origin of the word ever in all thier will see that they where wonderes from the sea ,as they where named by the egyptians.attacking egypt from the delta of the nile, they built a large city on the outskirts of the delta on the eastern side, @ the moment dates escape me and the paharo who expelled them to canana..which they eventually settled in the MODERN GAZZA strip more or less..and are said to intermarry with the existing cananans, untill the jews nation came through from the desert after thier 40 year hike..(lol) just a bit of hummor there!!!!..HENCE later all the wars fought between the jews and the phillistines...The discription of the phillistines descibe them as very large men..larger than most men of the in the bible we have david and can we forgett hat...,Goliath was an exceptional man of strenth and stature even to phillistine standards,,but as far as brains?well david had them all.!!!.after davids truimph over them they intermigngled till the emergenc of the muslim faith,joining the muslim faith as thier salvation..till this day..they have alwasy been in the gazza strip and lower estern part of jerusalam and jerusalam its self thier influnce streched as far the jordan river,but going back to ancient history..the evidence on the phillistines is barley plauseable but questionable and arguable,even is it a greek peoples or is the word of greek origin? this is the question,as a greek i would like to belive both..but as a researcher i belive this needs futher investigation..some thing is missing!!

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