Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do I kick him out or not?

Last fall I took in a friend of a friend. He was destitute and I helped him and his two pre-teen boys. But now I am frustrated and need guidance. HELP!! He regularly smokes crack cocaine. I continued to pay all the bills in the house. Now he lost the boys to DSS (he strips them naked and beat him savagedly with an extension cord until the skin bleeds when he was "upset"). I called DSS! Yes, I did. To save those babies. He has with the 16 year old upstairs (he's 45) and I am repulsed by he sight of him. Now it is he and I living in my house and he complains about having to sleep on an old mattress and tries to expect me to do more around the house after working a full-time job. He has no job or income. So I pay all the bills and put all the food in the house. He cooks "sometimes" but when he doesn't cook, I bring in fast food. He has a bottomless supply of cigarettes and beer. But he complains that I need to do more around the house. When I mention to friends or family of ours (both of us) that my cup runneth over (I'm sick of his ****, my home is not a sanctuary, I hate and dread coming home after work), everyone tells me not to do. Today I found out I got a job offer in my hometown and I want it. I'll be near my friends (my real, college educated, professional friends), but everyone tells me not to take it. Mrs. Stevens even said if I kick him out, the karma will come back negatively on me, but I feel like I've done more than my share and put up with more than any woman would accept. Just looking at him makes me sick. He is always complaining, but does nothing to contribute to this home. So I ask this community...what to do?

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