Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did you know that a whaler was called The Falkland's Jonah after surviving being swallowed by a whale?

A Dr. Pearce (Cambridge University) wrote a book on archaelogy wherein he related several accounts of people being swallowed by a particular type of whale, and surviving. One man was an Arab who had a knife with him, and he cut his way out of its stomach. Then a sailor called James Barclay was on the whaler The Star of the East when he fell overboard whilst pursuing this type of whale. A day or so later this whale was killed and hauled aboard. The sailors began cutting off the blubber, then got a chain around the stomach to lift it clear. The stomach began to wriggle! Out came James Barclay, unconscious, his skin bleached white. When he came too, he was raving but then recovered his senses. He said there had been plenty of air inside the stomach though it had been very hot. This whale can swallow sharks and then vomit them up by the shore. Does this remind you of the tale of Jonah?

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