Sunday, August 7, 2011

Any opinions on the following colleges?

The Claremont Colleges have an excellent reputation - right now, Pomona is the top-ranked of these, but there are a lot of shared cles and facilities, so none of them are bad. I'm completely unfamiliar with Whitman, and while Reed has at times been very highly-ranked, it seems to have fallen a bit lately (and you would need to be very liberal in your outlook to fit in there, from everything I've heard). For some reason, I can't find Mills, which has always had a good reputation, listed on U.S. News at all (it gives me Millsaps, which is a different school altogether). Lewis & Clark is okay, although not spectacular, and Occidental is a good school, but I wouldn't put it up there with the Claremont Colleges these days. USF and Santa Clara are more comprehensive schools, rather than just being liberal arts schools. Of the two, I like Santa Clara better.

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